game is unstable lately and is getting worse

ok so i posted a thread a month ago about how extra mouse buttons are minimizing the game. this is a pretty annoying bug to deal with, in the early lane phase in particular, and forces you to play passive (which is not always ideal in many early matchups) or cause the bug to occur in a way that leaves you open to dying as it only happens when u ward a bush or click anything with side button on your mouse when enemies are nearby. this bug has not gone away and instead has been amplified by causing a guaranteed crash in the midgame when it does occur. not only that it actually repeats the cycle when it happens. so as soon as u log in if u have to defend nexus turrets guess what? your game minimizes itself AGAIN just by right clicking a champion or even a minion with a champion nearby, and when this happens you WILL freeze up and have to sign out of your pc itself and reload everything and get the minimize bug then a freeze/crash all over again. this sounds like the game has gotten pretty much unplayable now right? wayans.jpg BUT WAIT, THERES MORE!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} not only are these bugs on top of what was already a huge problem in less than a month but more has creeped into the game in the past week or so. the game has an EXTREMELY bad packet loss, fps, and network stability problem now. atfirst i thought maybe its just my setup which is getting rather old as far as pc longevity goes, or the modem im using, or the wiring to the modem, but its not any of that. i hate to say it this way and i might get into some stuff over it but, i know its not any of those things themselves because... o,o im just gonna say it... i tested it out to see if DoTA2 was in the same shape as league is right now, and it surprisingly was not. im currently quite close to the league servers, which are in or around chicago if im not mistaken, so why would i have game quality AND network issues with league and neither of those with DoTA2, which is more taxing on my pc than league, and further away on the east coast? simple, its not me o,o. why would my games quality go from good enough to climb from bronze to gold and then be completely unplayable at even a casual level right after a client update a month later? i understand that it could be a combination of all these things but i have friends with VERY high-end rigs that are starting to have these issues as well and one in particular who owns a computer worth more than my car and has atleast had the mouse button issue just as long as i have.
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