[GAMEPLAY] Wukong - his combos doesn't proc electrocute(still doesn't work after hotfix)

I played game with wukong, and realised, my electrocute didn't go off. I did E, 2 autos. So it should be enough to proc that. Then i tried E>auto>Q it didn't proced either. While enemy zed proced it they way it's intended. Allied rengo also complained about his electrocute worked weird. Then i realised it requires 4 atacks for this to pop, for some reason How to produce this bug Simply atack 3 times in separate way and it won't proc anything. https://youtu.be/dpJwJWkPALY here's the video how this actually looks, tried different combos. This bug makes trades for wukong insanely horrible since he has to stay a lot longer before W. And ruined my early laning phase against zed almost completely (still won that game though) Made the post again to let riot know it didn't fixed anything for wukong and he's still unplayble
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