Riot please fix targeted bans

Everyone knows of this problem, yet i'm sure 20+ people will argue with me for w/e reason. When you get a remake Riot's god awful matchmaking system (which already has a million flaws to begin with but we won't get into that because it's obviously too confusing for most people who play this game) anyway you get a remake, and matchmaking it's constant attempt to rig games all to high hell to make them one-sided asf puts you in with the same people, people then target-ban. I had a team of one-tricks who got their picks, one DC'd from the start, and we had to remake. Then next game sure enough, the bans were all those champs they picked the first time around. How is this fair? Sure they shouldn't be one-tricks or w/e, but still there's a reason we can't see each other's names in lobby, so you can't really argue with the fact that we shouldn't be put with the same people after a remake. I know matchmaking struggles to find the 4 worst damn people on server to give me...I get wanna make sure you give me the worst pile of shit you can...I understand. Been dealing with it for years, but I feel like this is something that has been broken since very early in the game, like season 1-3-ish. It's like Riot just keeps trying to fix all these things in the game, but they never touch matchmaking issues. I feel like someone just destroyed matchmaking and made it the worst system in the world, then they just clocked out and never went back to work. Season 4 or 5 it just got ridiculous. Just the other day (and this has happened MANY times) I got the 3 worst people I have seen on the game in a LONG time. Then I got them again. Then I got them again. They dropped collectively like 3 wards between the 3 of them over a span of 3 games. They died probably 100 times in 3 games. It's bad enough you put them on my team once, but getting them 3 times in a row in a game with millions of active players...that's called broken matchmaking. It's degrading. It's borderline cyber bullying. "oh you think you're a badass carrying 3 games in a row? Here lets knock you down off that pedestal by giving you the 3 worst players in the history of league 3 times in a row, that'll kill your spirit. Bitch.". This is how I imagine Riot's mindset when it comes to matchmaking. I honestly feel like I get punished for playing well, and rewarded for playing badly. If I go in a game and just goof around on a new champ and play awful, I get good teams for the next couple of games. If I go in and try hard and do my best and really put everything in, they give me people who no one below challenger could carry, especially playing jg (kinda hard when 6 turrets go down before 10 minutes...I mean honestly wtf is that? How can anyone praise this matchmaking when there are games where 6 turrets go down on one side before 10 minutes...that's fail asf). Legit worst matchmaking I have ever seen in any game EVER...but with all that aside they could at least fix the DEAD OBVIOUS shit like post-remake targeted bans, or any variation of getting the same people over and over again in a game with millions of active players. I'm sure all the non-programmers will cry and try to blame me for this, all the people who think Riot could do no harm etc. and those who actually program and know how these algo's work, and just have a general understanding of game-development will have seen what I am talking about. I first noticed all of this like 7 years ago, so i'm sure the intellectual people who play League (3% or less i'm sure) will understand everything I just said, while the sheep will give me the same reply as they give everyone who complains about this god awful matchmaking.
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