friend list gone and stuns act like slows, but lol reddit keeps defending riot

made a post on it at lolreddit about stuns basically now acting as slows as you can still move and the friendlist not existing right now. got downvoted into abyss, some guy told me its because "movement prediction on bud" and i got insulted for being stupid and not making up lies when everything works perfectly fine. this is why the game is going to shit. riot only giving a fuck about lol reddits opinion and lol reddit ALWAYS defending riot no matter what. and the biggest insult of all? in season 7 a CHROMA of mecha kha zix A FUCKING CHROMA SKIN had some invis r bug when entering bushes. AND THEY DISABLED THE ENTIRE CHAMP but when stuff like leona now has no stuns but instead some lame slows (and every other stun included) they dont disable shit. thats just the biggest disrespect
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