Think on your priorities Riot games

Riot is not prioritizing their decisions properly. They´ve been more worried at hiring Louis Vuitton designers than hiring good programmers. I´m gonna tell you a thing Riot Games, what does it matter to have the most beautiful skins in the world if the game doesn´t work at all? Why should I buy True Damage Qiyana or any other skin if I can´t even get into a game? and when I get into it, I have huge FPS drops or my game just crashes completely? Think on your priorities Riot. Why should I keep spending my money on this game if you´re not using it properly? Why should I keep playing this game? That´s the real question. I´m not even telling you to fix the shitty balance, I´m telling you to fix the god damn bugs that have been happening for months! My gosh!
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