games still unplayable

it seems the game closing itself when u use extra mouse buttons throughout the match has been fixed finally but the network instability is now worse than i have ever seen it. i can play other games with multiple people on the screen doing any number of things at once but if i play league for more than 3 minutes the connection is so awful i dont even have words to describe it at this point. any interaction with another player will cause ping to spike and fps to tank. 5v5 team fights are completely impossible as an adc. ive stooped so low as to just play jungle and right click people while i slap my wiener on the keyboard as yi and xin zhao praying the packet loss wont F me and just make me stand there doing nothing after i go in and the game decides that exact moment would be the best time to have a stroke. its been super frustrating just trying to play the game recently with the packet loss and constant jitter in the connection causing the game to freeze for multiple seconds at a time (at the worst possible time every time). ive been referring to the game as murphys law lately, thats how bad it is at the moment. whatever you did to the client in the past few months please do something about it so i can play again.
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