Consistent Low FPS

Consistent 10-30 frames toggelable from high to lowest settings on graphics. When i launch League client i get an immediate bug splat. What this indicates for me is that with the new 9.23 patch notes, that there is a program (third party or just launches with app like kernel) that crashes immediately. It's like a background program that was put into place to remove the issues with some sort of colliding with the alcove that causes your CPU to use a ridiculous amount of usage. As i went to task manager it indicated that i had 90-95% usage, when i usually don't go over 50% when i have 140 frames. I guess i have to wait for a hot-fix, or a new patch. System Specs: i7 8750h 6 core Processor gtx 1070, 16 gb ram. Running from an SSD TLDR: New patch with background program needs looked at, low fps, unplayable. EDIT: Installed the new windows update, and my computer stopped using 95% CPU and dropped to 40% on highest settings.
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