Diana bug increased with patch 9.13

Diana was killed by Riot in Patch9 13
I hate Riot. Riot increased bugs and killed Diana. ▽Subscribe for My Channel : https://goo.gl/APBxP2 ▽Follow for my Twitter : https://twitter.com/DianyA_JP ▽Follow for my Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/dianya_jp LOL | ダイアナ | DianyA
I'm a Japanese player and play under the name DianyA. This sentence was written using Google Translate. As stated in the title, Diana's bugs have increased. I made a [video](https://youtu.be/zOgHE6IaG3Q) because it's difficult to explain it in English, so please look at this. Riot said that he has rewritten the Q code. But that made the situation worse. If you can't fix it, don't do anything extra. Please don't bully Diana any more. Diana was killed by Riot.{{champion:131}} {{item:3070}}
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