Can the Galio BS interaction with any CC be fixed ?

Anyone in the game gets his dash / leap / anything cancelled upon being "displaced", but for some reason, {{champion:3}} E isn't. Some BS interactions I've noticed : {{champion:67}} condamn the {{champion:3}}, but he used his E before her Condamn, still got pushed away and stunned, but finished the "dash" after being stunned basically : Galio starts his E Vayne uses condamn Galio gets stunned Galio still dashes forward while being stunned, knocking up the Vayne Also happened with {{champion:143}} Zyra uses R Galio enters the R Galio presses E Galio gets knocked up, but dashes forward while being knocked up (yes in the air), not being stopped, still going the same distance and knocking up enemies in front of him
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