RIOT FIX: List of Bugs and Glitches

I apologize in advance for my English, but this is the only forum where you can hope that a rioter will read. I have already reported the problem, talked to the support made post on post but nothing has changed. So... Here we go... ________________________________ #SUMMONER RIFT * Destroyed red turrets texture disappear when you don't look at them: * The inhibitor ring appears only when destroyed for the second time in a row ##The inhibitor the first time it is broken after 1/2 minutes ##The same inhibitor the second time it is broken after 1/2 minutes ___________________________________ #HOWLING ABYSS * Although the teams are now red and blue, the fountain and the icons (example: when you destroy the tower) are still blue and purple The nexus, minion and inhibitors icons date back to before the VU in season 5 _____________________________________ #TWISTED TREELINE * The is a damn hole in the blue team outer turret #I hope these bugs are resolved quickly. (But I don't count too much) ##Cordially, an EUW player. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}

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