Custom Runes Reset When I Log In.

Sometimes, about once a week or so, when I log in there will be a notification under **Profile > Stats**. When I click on stats it welcomes me as if it was the first time I have checked it. However, the main issue, is that whenever this happens, my custom runes are always reset to nothing, so I have to remake my runes page. This has been happening constantly since the MSI event started and it's EXTREMELY irritating. Note that I don't have to actually go to **Profile > Stats** for the reset on my runes to occur; they just always happen at the same time. This has messed me up a few times because I don't notice that my runes have been reset, and when I go into a game I can't even make custom runes in the champ select, so I'm forced to dodge or take the pre-made runes. I know I'm not the only one who has this issue, because I'm not the only one who has reported this bug. I can't tell how to re-create this, it seems like it just randomly happens some times.
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