game minimizes itself

ive been having an issue since the client updated that causes th game to minimize itself randomly within the first 2 minutes or so of play. it mostly happens during invasions while im kiting another player or during the first wave of farming if i didnt have to leash. it doesnt happen if im just standing around but if there is any sort of rapid clicking/camera movement going on it happens consistently. ive tried changing settings to lower the impact on my computer but that didnt stop the bug. its caused me to lose priority or miss out on early kills multiple times and even took the first buff camp from jungler once which is just begging them to run it down accident or not and has been quite frustrating to deal with and play around recently. it only happens one time in the early game which leads me to believe its more a problem with the game itself and not my settings or hardware. if this is happening to anyone else some confirmation would be appreciated. UPDATE: it seems to be caused by using the side buttons on my mouse which i have a-click and wards assigned to. happened earlier today a few times while leashing but most annoyingly as an opponent basically inted into me and before i could kill them the bug happened and literally cost me my life the lane and eventually LP on 2 of those games. i see that others are also having the issue with those extra buttons so thanks for confirming the problem.
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