Absolutely GAMEBREAKING Twitch bug

I honestly feel robbed of my connection with my champion because of this. I can't purchase control wards without feeling like I'm missing out on crucial gameplay moments. I genuinely don't feel immersed in the game anymore because of this. When purchasing a Control Ward on Twitch, he no longer says, "Trespassers will be shot, then looted, then... chewed on for a while!" or any of his other, less important, ward purchasing quotes. This discovery is absolutely devastating. How to Replicate Bug: 1. Go onto summoner's rift. 2. Sit on rift for 10 minutes purchasing control wards in multiple different scenarios, such as: 2a. Triggering other voice lines before purchasing control ward. 2b. Leaving the base and waiting a minute, recalling, then purchasing control ward. 2c. Crying while desperately spamming control wards. 3. Feel absolutely disappointed and heartbroken, like a vital piece of your life is missing. This needs to be fixed with the utmost importance, Riot. If this isn't re-implemented by the next patch, I will write a sarcastically angry thread about how this bug is the sole purpose for me not being Challenger.
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