This hilarious Sett bug is breaking the game

Hilarious gamebreaking Sett bug
This bug features League's new champion Sett, and a gamebreaking bug with Sylas.
Dear Rito With the release of Sett{{champion:875}} , a new gamebreaking bug has arisen (watch video for short explanation). Esentially, the bug can happen if you're playing a blind pick game, with a Sett{{champion:875}} on both teams, aswell as a Sylas{{champion:517}} on one of the teams. Sylas will then steal enemy Sett's ultimate, and Sylas and his allied Sett can then proceed to ult the same target at the exact same time, which triggers a bug that will make the ulted target stick to either Sylas or Sett (whoever ulted first). You can then procced to do this to every champion on the enemy team, making them stick to your model. No matter what happens, they cannot be removed from their new "host". Even if the "host" dies, they will teleport to his spawning location, and proceed to all be beamed down by the fountain tower. If the "parasite" champion dies, it will respawn at the "host's" current location. This bug is the definition of gamebreaking, since it can easily lead to your entire team being oneshot on respawn. Take a look at the video and see for yourself (the "parasite" champions will always stick to the "host", even while being dead they will follow him in a t-pose position stuck to the "host's" model) - xZerPenT
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