W key does not work at all while holding spacebar

So I was just playing my first game after the patch and noticed my W wasn't working at all when I was pressing it. After noticing it going off erratically in fights, I tested a few things and found that holding spacebar seemed to be the problem. It doesn't matter whether it is on smart cast or not, and it even doesn't work while typing into chat (holding space and pressing any other key will stop the string of spaces, while W doesn't register at all). Just to be sure, I checked on a couple different champs (all marksman) and it seems consistent no matter who I pick, though just to be sure, I first encountered the issue on **Jinx**, then checked with **Ashe **and **Lucian**. As I said, I got the same result. Holding W with spacebar results in nothing. If I release spacebar, it fires immediately. I don't know what is going on, but Q E and R all work just fine regardless.

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