[GAMEPLAY] - Extreme slow down and animation stuttering

Started game with Morgana and the game was in extreme slow motion. No frame rate drops, just like time in game was just slowed down to x0.25. FPS was stable around 120. Ping 37 ms. When changing directions when moving her walking animation sometimes did not load. Other characters often seem to "slide around". Sometimes even when standing still. After the game I tried checking settings in a custom game. Tried with Jax, extreme animation stuttering at first. Managed to walk through the wall between red and the road to mid, but it was in slow motion. Repaired the game client and restarted my computer. It became worse, extreme stuttering. Basically unplayable. Yet FPS and Ping was fine. Messed around in settings, low, high, made no difference. Finally got it working now with frame rate cap at 60 and then setting it back to 120. Seems to work every time. Have been able to play this game with frame rate uncapped, so something definetely changed recently. All testing done on custom game 1v1 against another bot.
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