Rune Pages deleted AGAIN?????

like seriously, do you guys do this on purpose or something? it is the fkn 6th or even 7th time that I have to redo the stupid pages again... fix this shit pls....i rather have those bugs fixed than more content holy sh*t Edit: everyone....i think i know now why the runes gets deleted...cuz I just reproduced this bug thrice (this bug is so dumb) how to reproduce it: 1. close client then 2. reopen the game IMMEDIATELY right after you have closed the game 3. you will see the league loko as usual but then it will dissappear 4. if this happens, the game just got closed automatically cuz the previous client didnt close yet 5. reopen the client again 6. voila everything is gone again so in conclusion, after you have dodged a game, wait a bit until the client has closed before you reopen a new one (to be sure, open task manager and check if the league client is gone) what a shitty and stupid bug tbh, dunno if i shall post another one with PSA
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