HUGE security flaw

So ever since the new launcher came out I have been quite a fan of it. However, that all changed when someone got access to my account. I'm not exactly sure how they did it but they managed to play multiple games on my account. Once I figured this out I changed my password immediately. I thought the problem was over and I didn't have to worry anymore. I quickly found out I was wrong. When I launched the game to enter my new password, It immediately sent me to the home screen. I thought it was a little odd at first so I waited to see if the password hadn't been updated yet. After hours of waiting it still just let me log in automatically without having to enter the new password. I changed my password again to see if it fixed it and once again, it did not ask me to enter my new password. The person who originally took of my account still has access and is still playing games and I have no way to get them off my account. I have emailed riot support however they seemed to ignore it and just prompt another password change. This is a huge security flaw and needs to be addressed immediately.

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