Is it just me or does Rito not care about the boards?

Rito just doesn't seem to care much about the boards anymore. Want to know the last time a Rioter commented on a Gameplay thread? 10 days ago. Then another 5 days before that. Then another 6 days before that. There's a lot of good, constructive discussion going on (granted, there's some rants too) and Riot is just ignoring it. The 10 days ago comment and the 15 days ago comment? Both about clash, so not even really about gameplay. That makes it 3 weeks. Now the latest problem, the situation with Nightblue. There's a half dozen threads at the top about the problem with streamers being allowed to be toxic with no repercussions, and there's not a rioter in sight. In fact, I checked the first 5 pages of "hot" and there's no rioter in sight on any thread. It's incredibly disappointing that this _**sMaLL iNDiE cOMpAnY **_ won't interact with the community and it honestly shows a lot about what they think of the players who are passionate enough about this game to come to the boards and have a good community discussion.
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