Let's talk a bit about the french boards and Riot France

Hello, I am LordStegosaurus, ex-emissary from the French Volunteer Program and I want to raise Important issues about the french volunteer program and Riot France. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- Everything started around early November. 6 members of the community were banned from the French Boards Discord by one Junior Volunteer for no valid reasons. Those people managed to talk to Riot France about those issues (_A **23 pages PDF** was written to talk about all the issues with the French Volunteer Program and some of its members_) and Riot did nothing. Meanwhile, Senior and Regular Volunteers members made a vote to exclude this Junior Volunteer (_We were 6 in total, 4 voted for the exclusion of this Junior Volunteer and 2 decided to cast a blank vote_) and Riot decided to ignore this vote. Those issues were still here and a part of the community was very vocal about it. Riot France was still protecting the Junior Volunteer and the other members responsible for those issues, and quickly the part of the community that was complaining was labelled as "**toxic**". Several people from the so-called "toxic" part of community were harrased (_Including people being suicidal_), an ex-volunteer who left the program because of the shitstorm was also harassed, she went to the hospital multiple times due to anxiety attack, and when she pleaded Riot France to do something to calm down the situation, she was told to "**stop faking it**". (More informations can be found [here](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Zxobi71jPuGC0AE8GILsYDMr5hV6Ol-nXrlkKtoIXtY/edit?usp=sharing), including some juicy bits about Riot France and the lack of cyber security) ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- It ultimately lead to the end of the French Volunteer Program and every volunteers lost their status and the right to moderate the boards. To make sure that the French Forum still have some sort of moderation, Riot France told us that french-speaking volunteers from other countries would take care of it. It was a lie. We found out that an [ex-volunteer still had the right to moderate the boards](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/385826876255502337/546405930590273597/unknown.png) Right now, it's impossible to talk with the mods, when we create a discussion to talk about the moderation, it's deleted almost instantly. When we contact the support about this, we are told that we have to talk to ex-volunteers (which are supossed to have nothing to do with the current moderation) and when we contact them, they don't want to answer. There is also some members of the community (those who were opposed to the so-called "toxic" part of the community) that are priviliged by Riot France. When there is downvote on their discussion, the votes are locked, when there are too many comments that are in opposition with their discussion, the comments are locked. The moderation is clearly taking sides. ----------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- Thank you for your time.
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