So certain mod deleted my post without even reading it and having idea what it was about

There is [thread]( by Moody P where he praises CertainlyT, either in serious or trolly or sarcastic manner, who knows. Some guy made exaggerated post about how Moody P would defend CT's design no matter how bad they are, the exaggeration being the last line in the image. I simply pointed out he criticized WW's design - point being that WW was made by CT and yet Moody P does not defend the design, in fact he hates it. My comment was removed and I got message about how I should be civilized about other people's opinions. WTF. My comment, that you can still read, because the guy quoted it and this mod couldn't bother to get any further in discussion and remove the quotation because pressing DELETE button on reported comments is his only job now: > Actually just recently he criticized WW This is literally it. Once again, you want proof? Go to that thread and read it since the quotation isn't removed. The message I got:[/img][/img] That, my dears, was not even my post. It was the post I reacted to, as you can obviously see because the > symbol symbolises quotation. That was the post I was quoting because QUOTE is actual function on these Boards. You know, it provides clarity as to what you react to. This guy, that I won't name, didn't bother doing the one job he has - reading it. He literally casually presses DELETE button on my post without reading it. There is absolutely no excuse. It was obvious I was quoting, with formatted quotation and without, it was obvious what my post actually was but this guy just presses DELETE without reading the whole thing. Mods are supposed to prevent toxicity in discussion but there is nothing more toxic I encountered on these Boards than being afraid of posting because among million of reasons why some mod can get triggered, you also have to add that they simply won't read it, because reading 6 words is really hard for this mod. And I have to read something like: > While we understand that you may be upset or frustrated, the Moderation Team does not accept this as a valid excuse to be uncivilized, and we ultimately require that all discussions on the Boards be civil. Get off your high horse. The only difference between the two of us is that you have DELETE button and are itchy to use it. Let me make similar line and you, who know who you are, read this: > While I understand you are volunteer, the Boards Members do not accept this as valid excuse to be this careless, and we ultimately require you to be able to read at least 6 words. I've been posting less and less on these Boards exactly because of this. Because the Mod Team recently got too obssesed with pressing that DELETE button. Because of your high horse. Because YOU require civil discussion, and I HAVE to do as your rules say, but some members of your team cannot be bothered to spend 5 seconds googling obvious Rhaast quote or because some members of your team cannot be bothered to read 6 words before they hit that DELETE button. If you want to lecture me, let ME lecture you - the DELETE button is serious tool of regulation and I am not being demanding or uncivil when I require you to do as small of a task as to read the whole post before you throw yourself at the button. I can tolerate many things but this is example of a mod literally not understanding what QUOTE is, not being bothered to read 6 words but I am glad he is still allowed to have access to DELETE button. And there was no reason to delete my original post because I literally did what the rule demands: > Just state your side and exit the conversation gracefully rather than give them the opportunity to pick a fight. I literally just half-defended Moody P, stating that he doesn't defend CT designs by principle because there is at least one he not only criticised but outright hates. And I will say this one more time to stress how ridiculous this situation is. My post had 6 words. It was easier for this mod to jump at DELETE button than to read them. Also, the announcement states it was sent by Riot Games, but it wasn't Rioter's action, it was of a specific mod - just to clear that to someone who might be unfimiliar with these announcements.
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