Boards need some new mods

It's actually a fucking joke at this point that THIS is removed, but the posts about "Riot didn't tell us Prestige Qiyana was going to be Worlds Tokens" were allowed to stay up and get front page, despite being: A) Clearly wrong B) Uncivil as fuck, calling Riot scammers, saying they're trying to squeeze money out of us C) Some of them have resorted to insulting anyone who disagreed (I was even called a shill by one of them) And for those of you who know me and my posts, I love bashing Riot, it's fun and easy, so if I'm saying you're in the wrong when bashing Riot, you know you're doing something wrong. Posting a link multiple times because the guy clearly doesn't read it or other comments is a big no-no And then apparently this is the evil sin I've done for the week Since it's gonna be removed anyway, next time I'll call them an illiterate fuck like I did in my mind, because apparently it's not civil unless I add an uwu at the end and say "You should have read" By the way, apparently these were both removed for the same reason. These don't seem to be equally toxic, one seems like a sarcastic remark and the other is a fucking link posted 5 times so he clearly sees it. Oh wait...posting the link will also be removed. Guess I'll just go sit in my corner and let them figure it out for themselves.
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