Why people feel they are treated unfairly by the Mod team - A friendly discussion with the Mods

Dear respectful summoners and Mod team, I have had my up's and downs with the Mod team for posts I personally thought were not violating any rules but got removed. After some discussion with some of the Mods I was on the verge of accepting that indeed my posts could be offensive and that I just cannot see it. That is fine. Not fair, but I can take it. Now I would like to discuss why many people on the boards are not happy with the Mods lately. Why do people feel that way and how can Mods improve their relationship with the people to avoid such conflicts. # Double standards - Treat both the Mods and the Players with the same way : Definition of Double Standards: _***~~A rule or principle which is unfairly applied in different ways to different people or groups ~~***_ I understand that Mods are people with feelings. However, players are people with pride as well. I have recently encountered what is called "double standards" and I really am interested in understanding how this works. So, I commented on a thread that I was not happy with the Golden Rule Law (which a Moderator brought up in a discussion which I was participating). I thereafter, in a separate thread, had a healthy and very nice conversation with another Mod which was very similar in nature. It is important to note that the discussion with the second Mod was made many hours after I had already posted that I am not happy with the Golden Rule. So, very rightly so, a Mod would simply reply to me and say "Hey mate, since you now have discussed this topic with another Mod I think we should not repeat this discussion over here again". That is very reasonable to do and I would not have any issue with it. It would be a genuine gesture. However, instead, I got a similar reply from a Mod who was also so polite to include a winky champion icon at the end. Furthermore, as posts have timestamps, it was only reasonable that the Mod would check that my post was made BEFORE I had the discussion with Mod B. Well no. The mod thought it would be better to reply to me with something in the lines of: > Hey there, > >I know you are not happy with the Universal Rules, however you already discussed this with Mod B on this thread. I believe your post now is not necessary and should regarded as spam. If you feel the need to discuss this further I am happy to discuss it with you. {{sticker:poppy-wink}} Please note that his/ her response was not exactly like above but might be a little more sarcastic. However, since the post was deleted I cannot quote him/her directly. Fair enough. I wanted to respond to him since I felt that my intelligence was being challenged. Did he / she not see the timestamp? Does he / she think I would continue the discussion further? Nop. I had gotten my response and had no intentions on commenting any further. So I thought it would only be fair if I pointed out his / her mistake in the most polite way I could. So I tried my best to do so by using mostly his own response. So I responded something in the lines of. > Hey there, > > I know I am not happy with the Universal Rules, however you can see the timestamps of all of my posts. I feel that there is no need to belittle me (which I felt I was being belittled) by posting such a response but instead I believe you can check the timestamps. If you feel the need to discuss this further I am happy to discuss it with you. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}. To my surprise this morning, I saw that I got a notification that my response was deleted. The reason? "it was offensive". Why was my response offensive? Did I use offensive words? No. Did I use an offensive photo? No. Did I belittle or offend any person or group? No. Did I respond with criticism? Yes. Was my criticism constructive and polite? Yes. It would be very interesting to get a response from the Mods on this. # So what can Mods do in order to avoid double standards? - Well firstly if a Player "A"replies to Mod's "B" post in the same friendly tone, they should not remove it and say its offensive. In the same way your own post may be deemed offensive. This is a double standard so **don't **do it. - If you think something is a spam, check the post. When was the post made? Is it relevant to the topic? If you mention the term Universal Law and someone comments on that Universal Law this is more likely to be on topic and not spam. If you feel that the question has been answered elsewhere maybe a polite comment such as "Hey since topic-A is discussed here ... let's not have the same conversation topic-B" and linking the thread as a response might be a better idea than just deleting the comment. I would sincerely like a response from the Mod team. A sincere one. Thank you for your time.
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