Banned Words in Summoner Names

Recently, I decided to change my summoner name and thought about using the summoner name “YourFriendLiQueer” but found it was denied and not because it was already taken but because the word "queer," among many many LGBT terms, are banned and not just banned, but like, SUPER banned where I can't find a single way to even try using the word "queer" in my summoner name. When I tried emailed Riot's Player Support to get more information and see what I could possibly do to get this changed, I was sent here. While I do understand this ban is likely to reduce offensive speech, what I don’t understand then is why then “gay” is still allowed when it is more commonly used as a derogatory term, especially within the online gaming community. I understand both words have historically been used as a derogatory term but "Queer” is now being re-claimed by the community as an umbrella term for all those in the LGBTQ community. As someone who really embraces their identity, I’m hurt that I can’t embrace it with my peers in our online community. I feel slightly ostracized too as I do not identify with the more mainstream term “gay” but that's still allowed. I'm unhappy that I have to now post about this on a public forum hoping a RIOT representative might see this and care enough to do something. There is already a reporting system in place on League of Legends and many offensive names pass through the summoner name change filter anyways. If someone wants to be offensive, they will find a way, but that’s why there is the reporting system for players in game. I would like to ask RIOT to reconsider its current ban on the word “queer” and other words used within the queer community. While there may be more reports and there will be people out there who use hate speech, I think it also takes away from those within the queer community who want to embrace their identity. I think that if someone is willing to be brave enough to put themselves out there, especially within the gaming community which can be very toxic, they should be allowed to. It’s hurtful to experience hate but it’s empowering to be able to embrace one’s identity across all communities. Thank you
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