Apparently it's okay to insult EU

So I got my comment removed for insulting. > Would rather be on EUW than being American scum. > What a pathetic jab at EU...but then again, thats just 'Murica for ya :D Dont get me wrong, i understand why it got removed, i deserve it. But the issue is the comment I replied on with this comment of mine. The comment So this guy is allowed to insult the whole server by calling it toxic and saying how that one player(s) cant get honor lvl back because they're on euw? And yes, I reported the comment as harrassment. And yea, that is insulting because it's just straight up saying every1 on EUW are toxic, which is obv not true. And no, idc if it's "a joke" because if that was valid excuse we wouldnt be punished for toxicity because everything can be "said as a joke". And not to mention there was a post where the guy got his comment removed because it was SEEN as an insult. And since I reported it AND a mod should see that comment since I replied to it, if it's not removed then it just means a mod is straight up biased against EU users. In which case dont be a fucking coward and just admit it so i know I'm (and other EU users) not welcomed on this site.
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