Mods are not just "failing". It seems they are intentionally censoring undesired messages and users.

It has been some months since several users started to called out the "Mod Team" about some of their "mistakes". Several threads had been deleted for suspicious reasons, even when they were showing stats, in-depth thoughts and so on. Eg., about Pyke being out of control and reaching 60% ban rate (end of S9). That was my fav "mistake". Now, my case. # == Fact number 1. == A Moderator (J.) deletes one of my comments, stating that it was violating the "Golden Rule". My comment was a reply in a thread (by another user) called: **"Riot's justifications for several preseason changes don't make any sense"** ([here](, and it was this one: > Indeed. That's basically the definition of incompetence. They don't even know what they're doing. > > Or, maybe, they know, and just try to "sugarcoat" their terrible philosophy about what's left of this game. Removed _for violating the Golden Rule on the Boards: "Always be respectful to players, community members, moderators, and Rioters. Harassment and insults will not be tolerated."_ Now. **Where are the harassment or the insults?** * "This is the definition of incompetence" ? Here it is: **"the inabililty to do your job, or things that you are expected to do, successfully"** _(Cambridge Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)_ Please note that I didn't say "_name-nickname is incompent_". And even if, I would have not said "he is an idiot". I'd have only stated that they weren't able to do their job successfully, ie. referring to **what the whole topic was about**. * "They don't even know what they're doing" ? This was basically the main **topic's title**. And, I don't see the insult, since it's an evaluation (by me) of what is happening. My opinion, you can disagree, and that's all. No "harassment or insults", as everyone can see, as for _thousands_ of similar posts in the past. * "sugarcoat" ? Please :D I even had to look for this way of saying in a common english dictionary (I'm not english native), and it's just an harmless metaphor, perfectly describing what is happening from my point of view. No way it can be classified as "harassment and insults". So? What happened? It happened that this "Moderator", J., **failed** once again, as for the many cases in the past weeks or months. Just to be accurate, another Mod **denied** that something was wrong with the Moderation team: "[occasional moderation mistake](". **But**, one more mistake could have been overlooked and forgiven. The problem is that, **the censorship looks intentional, and the deliberate twisting of the Board Rules too**. # == Part 2. == In fact, I re-posted my comment, explain how who failed in removing it (J.) should have been more careful about abusing his powers just because disagreeing with other users' opinions. > Someone in the Mod team failed again. > Whoever you are, you can't censor users, trying to accuse them of violating the rules. "Incompetence" is not an insult, is a judgment; and I motivated it. You don't agree with my opinion? That's a personal issue of yours. Inexperience is not an excuse, in this case. > > Therefore, I'm gonna repost my irresponsibly deleted comment, and I ask once again to the actual competent Mods to get rid of the oblivious, biased and overall detrimental ones. > > > Indeed. That's basically the definition of incompetence. They don't even know what they're doing. > > > > Or, maybe, they know, and just try to "sugarcoat" their terrible philosophy about what's left of this game. And here again, another guy from the Mod Team (U.) intentionally twisted the Rules that he himself should take care of. He removed my comment again, disregarding the fact that the previous Mod already had abused his powers, and applied a **"3-day suspension" to my Boards account**. A **3-day ban**, to cover up another **Moderator's mistake**. That means, it probably wasn't a mistake, and it hasn't been a double mistake neither, with that second wrong action: this looks like **censorship**, mod tools and powers **abuse**, and overall **harassment** towards one Board user. I'm not sure that anyone in the Moderation team can explain this shameful events, but I would be glad in case. As I said [19 days ago]( _"it's not occasional, and I'd suggest to act quickly. There is a problem [with the Mod team]"_. I hate to be right (sometimes).
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