can we purge the Yuumi topics please?

within the first 6 hours there have been at least 12 topics discussing about how broken, trashy, op, {{champion:350}} is and it is getting annoying. there is no reason to spam the message to get your point across. we all know she is a problem in some way. and you know what else? crying about it ain't gonna fix it. if you don't like her then don't fucking play her. if a player in your group selects her either ask them nicely not to or dodge the queue. and for you draft/ranked players you can be dicks and permaban her so no one plays her. so like it or not {{champion:350}} is part of the roster now and riot ain't gonna remove her. they didn't remove {{champion:555}} when you complained about him, they didn't remove {{champion:518}} when you complained about her, and they didn't remove {{champion:84}} when she got reworked. so this surge of {{champion:350}} topics has to stop. there is no reason for it. EDIT: and here come the haters downvoting
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