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A comment I wrote was deleted by a mod for reasons of being "uncivil" who didn't even bother putting down their initial or they tried but were hilarious off, which resulting in their name only displaying as "{{mod.name}}". I ALMOST ALWAYS, nearly without exception, give mods the benefit of the doubt and credits, even as I've had countless posts removed and have even been issued temporary ban on Boards. But this one raises me a big eyebrow especially when the mod couldn't even be bothered to put down their initial as they exercise their authority to delete posts. The comment is as follows, it includes the one I was replying to since I have a habit of quoting when I reply: ......... ......... ......... Original post: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/hJmRBsZH > No...? please don't make it harder for me already > All I said is that CT's champions in the past fit with Riot's design philosophy of "window of power" so they allowed him to make the champions, CT himself never had NEITHER DESIGN PHILOSOPHY OR DESIGN VISION > > all he did on his own, was trying to create things that never happened before > > it wasn't a philisophy, he wasn't encouraging anyone, he wasn't saying "designers should do it like this" he ONLY said "I want to do it like this", that's not a philosophy brother, a philosophy is a thought on how people should generally behave. Wait a flipping fucking moment. How in the fuck can you not recognise the contradiction between you saying "he doesn't have vision" to refer to a DESIGNER, and just before you immediately go suck their dick and say "[he] create things that never happened before". And this is after the fact where he has INTERVIEWS where he exclusively discusses his design vision? Huh? Do you just say things whenever it's convenient to claim he deserves all the praises and has none of the responsibility, doesn't matter if they contradict each other or not, is that it? Secondly, CT's design don't fit with the Riot's design philosophy as a whole. That's why his champs all have to be gutted, stripped, and reworked shortly after their inception with the very handful amount of golden children; even his reworks have to go through another rework. The only exception is Warwick, which was when CT had his hands tied to his back and ironically the design he was least involved in created a champ that actually fit with Riot's idea of a balanced champion. "was trying to create things that never happened before" Hahaha. I'm sure his years of ripping off core designs off other existing champs, and inputting his gimmick that no one else did because it is objectively a bad idea, and turns out to be a bad idea, is the mark of true successful designer. When someone's success has to be described through the lenses of rhetoric, you know their "accomplishment" is bullshit. A philosophy also doesn't need to be used to persuade anyone. It just needs to exist as a collection of ideas and beliefs regarding certain topics, which CertainlyT certainly has. What's more, by constantly pushing out bullshit design after another and receiving roaring successes from all the edgelords in the gaming community, it creates a situation the other designers are indirectly pressured to mimic, as well as it motivates Riot to directly pressure their designers to adopt the said philosophy and promoting would-be designers who think similarly to CT. Designers are not isolated pockets of universe doing their own thing with no influence of their own or need to worry about external influence. So to pretend it has no impact in the overall design rationale of League is just naive. CertainlyT does shape the game indirectly to his image because his busted designs are super well received, incentivising Riot to push the game towards CT's vision of the game. The fact a designer managed to stay in Riot for this long despite all of his work requires double or triple handling by being completely incompatible with Riot's overall design philosophy, that are so unfair it proved to be extremely popular among players to the point Riot has to physically shift the entire game towards the direction CT envisions, should be a case study about how designers can be so bullshit they become successful. But I guess we're stuck trying to pretend he doesn't have any agency while simultaneously claiming he's a design genius. There are times I'm just sick and tired with arguing with people who will use all kinds of nonsense just to win a fight. This is one of those times. (for the context of the last line, it was not the first exchange but the same back and forth for the N-th time hence me saying I've had enough)
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