Boards Usage Guide - Part 1: Boards Markup

There's an ample amount of markup tools at your disposal, and with the rollout of Boards Updates 5.3.0, you have more customization options under your belt. This guide will go over some of the basics of making your post look clean and organized, with markup as the primary tool to do so. > ####**_~~🐒 The Basics: Bold, Italics, Strikethrough 🐒~~_** The Boards allows you to bold, italicize, and strikeout your text. These allow you to add some subtle emphasis to your text, as appropriate. You can use these three tools by highlighting your text and clicking the B, I, S buttons in the toolbar, or you can write the markup manually. If you choose to input them manually, here's the markdown code: * **Bold** can be achieved by putting two asterisks on both sides of the text: * \*\*Some text here\*\* * *Italics* can be achieved by surrounding text on each side with an underscore or an asterisk: * \*Some text here\* * or \_Some text here\_ * ~~Strikethrough~~ can be achieved by surrounding text with a pair of tilde's (~): * ~~Some text here~~ * You can mix, match, and stack them together: * **_~~Some text here~~_** ________________ > ####**_~~🐒 Links 🐒~~_** Links are pretty simple to implement. If you want to link something, you can drop the full link, and the Boards will automatically hyperlink it for you; but if you want linkable text, you can either use the "link" button in the toolbar, or you can use the Boards markdown code: * [Some text here](Your full link here, including the http/https) --> [League of Legends]( * [\*\*Some text here\*\*](Your full link here, including the http/https) --> [**League of Legends**]( Notice that you can bold or italicize your links for added emphasis! As an additional note: Linking an image will more often than not embed the image rather than showing the link. To display it as a link, you'll have to use the url markdown. * Without URL markup: * * With URL markup: * [Teemo]( ____________________ > ####**_~~🐒 Blockquotes 🐒~~_** Blockquotes have a number of purposes, from separating and segmenting content, to actually showing a quote. To use blockquotes, you simply have to put a greater-than sign (>) at the beginning of each paragraph/line you'd like in the quote. Note that if you have two blockquotes consecutively, the blockquotes will merge. You can bypass this by putting an empty link **_*~~[](https://.)~~*_** or a html space entity **_*~~ ~~*_** as a line-break between the two quotes: > One quote [](https://.) > Another quote __________________ > ####**_~~🐒 Images & Videos 🐒~~_** Images are a little bit nuanced, since some sites embed properly, some don't, and some are embedded differently than others. I'll do my best to go over the top used sites. **[IMGUR](** This is the image hosting site of image hosting sites. With drag-and-drop, no login needed uploading, you'll have your image in no time. In order to embed the images properly, you'll want to right-click on the image on the imgur page, and click "Copy image address", and paste it on the Boards. BUT YOU'RE NOT DONE YET! The Boards will use the imgur embed wrapper, which probably makes things look different than what you wanted. On the end of your link, add a little "[]". In all, your link should look like: * **_*~~[]~~*_** **Result:**[] Perfection. ______________ **~~[]( [Gyazo](** Want to upload a screenshot quickly? With Puush, just use your keybind, select your screenshot region, and the uploaded image URL will be automatically added to your clipboard. Paste your link to the Boards, and you're good to go. Best of all, it's free! _________________ **[gfycat]( or [YouTube](** If you're looking to upload a short video, I'd recommend using either gfycat or YouTube. Imgur, unfortunately, inconsistently embeds MP4's. Look how clean these embeds are: (first one is gfycat, second is YouTube) __________________ > ####**_~~🐒 Lists 🐒~~_** There are two types of lists: ordered lists and unordered lists. As indicated by it's name, an ordered list is a list of items, prepended by a incrementing numbers. You can create an ordered list by simply creating a series of items started by incrementing numbers: 1. First item 2. Second item 3. Third item An unordered list can similarly be created by replacing the numbers with asterisks: * First item * Second item * Third item You can add indents to an unordered list by incrementing spaces before the asterisk: * First item * Second item * Third item ________________ > ####**_~~🐒 Headers 🐒~~_** By default, the Boards comes with 3 different levels of headers: # Heading 1 ## Heading 2 ###### Heading 6 You can use these headers by putting the corresponding number of pound/hash symbols prior to the text you'd like as a header. The Boards updates now more than doubles your heading possibilities! The new headers appear as follows: #**_~~Heading 1~~_** ##**_~~Heading 2~~_** ####**_~~Heading 4~~_** #####**_~~Heading 5~~_** ######**_~~Heading 6~~_** These headers are achievable by putting the corresponding number of pound/hash symbols **AND** wrapping your text as such: * \*\*\_~~TEXT GOES HERE~~\_\*\* As a tip, you can wrap a header in a quote to make it pop out more, similar to how it's done in each section of this thread. _____________ > ####**_~~🐒 Text Highlighting 🐒~~_** Another new feature that'll allow you to make certain words or phrases stand out is the text highlighting feature. Right now, there are 4 different colors you can use: green, purple, blue, and red. Here's how you can implement them: * **_*~~Green~~*_** can be used by using the format: * \*\*\_\*~~TEXT HERE~~\*\_\*\* * _**~~Purple~~**_ can be used by using the format: * \_\*\*~~TEXT HERE~~\*\*\_ * _*~~Blue~~*_ can be used by using the format: * \_\*~~TEXT HERE~~\*\_ * _***~~Red~~***_ can be used by using the format: * \_\*\*\*~~TEXT HERE~~\*\*\*\_ ____________ > ####**_~~🐒 Spoilers 🐒~~_** You can use the spoiler feature by wrapping your text as follows: * > \#\#\# \*TEXT HERE\* This will show something like: > ### *TEXT HERE* If you're looking to create a multi-line spoiler, you can separate lines by forcing a line break with a empty link, for instance: * > \#\#\#\*TEXT HERE **_*~~[](https://.)~~*_** But wait, there's more\* [](https://.) > ###*TEXT HERE [](https://.) But wait, there's more* __________________ > ####**_~~🐒 Tables 🐒~~_** You probably won't use tables too often during your Boards tenure, but it really does clean things up when used right. |h1|h2| |---|---| |b1|b2| __________________ > ####**_~~🐒 Character Escaping 🐒~~_** Character escaping is the process you'll use when you want to use characters that are normally used within the markup language. For instance, if I wanted to show you ~~not striken~~ instead of ~~striken~~, I'd have to use character escaping. There are two ways to escape characters; however, using the HTML entity is the more consistent method. **Method 1: Backslash Method** This is the standard escape method that you'll see in most programming languages. All you need to do is put a backslash in front of any characters you'll want to escape, and you'll see the symbol (most of the time). * \\\* * In this example, I've escaped both the backslash and the asterisk by putting a backslash before each character **Method 2: HTML Entity/Hex Code/HTML Code** Instead of using the literal character (ie. \* > # ~), you can use an equivalent string of characters. For instance, a tilde could be the string: **_*~~~~~*_** You can use the HTML entity, hex code, or HTML code for these characters; you can use an escaper to find the equivalents here: [Full Escaper](
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