Are large chunk of mods need a reform (Callout post, but I request only maturity and no insults)

The mods, as of recent, have been deleting very popular posts and comments that a lot of people seem to agree with. Complaints about the removal of ARAM bans, removed Complaints about the removals, getting removed Comments about these events, removed. Posts calling out Moderator power abuse, removed. Right now, a large number of mods are abusing their powers to silence the community's complaints about their own integrity and competence. And right now, I'm noticing most of them just try to find any bare minimum that could give them even the tiniest excuse to delete someone's post. It's even gotten to a point where mods deleted violent champion quotes they didn't even bother looking up {{champion:141}} (Not allowed to quote Rhaast anymore, apparently. Heart goes out to OP who pointed this out) Heck, even MEMES about the mod's use of their powers risk getting deleted. What I suggest, and although I'm not a significant person, just another random who plays league, is that we call for reform. A change of policy of who can mod and what they can do. Because right now, a lot of the mods here are doing UNACCEPTABLE censorship. People come here to state an opinion about this game, and they shouldn't be this lazy and inconsistent with what they deem "Toxic" (Especially when you make a RANT board, which involves the most vulgar people)
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