Look, if you're going to comment "the boards don't matter", 'you're just here to complain",

or "we're just a tiny fraction of the playerbase" on every single post, you can leave. The boards is a place for feedback and, since the subreddit is far too restrictive in the kind of content that is allowed, this is the only place for feedback. yeah, sure, we're only a few hundred people (counting the subreddit as well, a few thousand) who are upset about *thing* and yeah, sure, we aren't the best at providing feedback towards the game, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't give feedback. If people think that something is wrong, there's a good chance that something could be wrong. That doesn't mean that there 100% definitely is something wrong and that doesn't mean that we're right about what is wrong, though. We are here to provide feedback and, when riot completely ignores said feedback, it is not out of the realm of reason for us to be angry. In addition, just because the forums is small doesn't mean we should be ignored. The forums aren't a vacuum, we aren't a bunch of die-hard complainers who have no idea how the game works and have no relation to actual players of the game. We are all, for the most part, average players of league of legends. If we are complaining about something, e.g. random-ass vayne buffs, there is a good chance that far, far more people are complaining about that change as well. So, TL;DR: commenting "we're just a tiny minority, we don't mean anything in relation to the playerbase" is a BS line of reasoning and if you're going to say it on every feedback thread, you can get lost. EDIT: gotta love the forums, getting completely shit on for saying "maybe our feedback actually matters and we deserve to be listened to"

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