Why on earth would you wait until a post had several hundred upvotes to delete it?

Why on earth would you wait until a post has several hundred upvotes and over a day of being up to remove it? There was a post about bans in ARAM that had hundreds of upvotes and was up for over a day before being removed. I'm sorry but if you didn't catch it after it's gone that far then its a straight up abuse of power to remove it. This just goes to show that there are absolute ZEEEEERRRROOOOOO standards that moderator's actions are held to and it's a straight up _**gamble**_ about how the rules are enforced. Just keep reporting until you get a mod that will remove it even if 10 other mods allowed it. There is absolutely ***NO*** consistency to how the rules are applied. I'm sorry but you cant just allow mods to arbitrarily remove posts with 400+ upvotes for "low effort" while still allowing far more blatant shitposts to stay. You missed that boat by a mile. Maybe you should enforce stricter standards for moderators or at least try to have some semblance of consistency because as of now there is absolutely zero.
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