Removal of the topic - "Is the RIOT want to kill his game?"

My thread "Is the RIOT want to kill his game? What the F is wrong with this game? Where the F is balance?" was deleted from the board becouse: _**We've recently removed your post for violating the Boards Universal Rules, particularly regarding Naming and Shaming.**_ However my thread was not shaming players but - impersonal RIOT players selecting system... which have nothing to do with real person so it has nothing to do with: _**As the Boards is a community platform, we encourage posts that foster discussion and discourage any posts that may lead to witch-hunting or personal attacks. If you believe someone is violating the Terms of Use or Summoner's Code, we ask that you instead utilize the post-match report feature when possible; otherwise, you can submit your report as a ticket to Riot Games Player Support, and the Player Support team will be able to review the case further.**_ There is no "witch-hunting" and there is no "personal attacks", system is not a person. The purpose of my thread was to show that it is not players who maight be responsible for some of our lost games, but - RIOT player selecting system, which may choose not experienced-enough players to play with and against others. I was not blaiming players, I was blaiming "impersonal" system which is nothing to do with RIOT board rules. Even this specific rule can not be assessed to this case becouse we can not be sure if we are playing with real people... people we are playing with are not natural person. They are virtual avatars not werified by any of idetification method so it can not be assesses that somebody was shamed. Becouse of that it means that we may play with bots and not real people. The names of those "avatars" was only presented as a proof of wrongly functioning system. Nowhere in my thread I'm not puting guilty on players, but only on system - so it can not be assessed as a action against real person and against any rules. Morover only by presenting those "avatars" names - other players can werify if information I have present are true (by checking details about them, about theirs experience). 1. Players from my pictures are from different server so 99% of you will be not able to meet them in game... moreover - nameing them and shameing them?... who may want to do it? even - for waht if it is about system issue? 2. Servers from NA, SA and EU do not werifying players so we even can not be sure if we are plying with real people and not bots. 3. Because no 2 - even if "theoretical" specific players maight be "guilty" of some issue, in case of no-werification server - players can simply change their names to evade any type of obstacles like naming and shaming. 4. Im shameing system not players so even those players exist as a people why somebody should even try to name and shame them? 5. Words like "nameing" and "shameing" from the board rules are related to situation when somebody will try to penalityze some "specific" players. If the thread is not about those specific players and if there is no any sign about untolerance (in the meaning of "nameing" and "shameing") about them and if the subject ot the thread is about different issue - board rule is not met. Therefore, please to recover my thread.
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