Summoner's Rift balance changes coming Patch 9.8

April Fools!!! Hope it was good for a laugh :) **===================================================================== FULL CHANGE LIST - CHAMPIONS** Aatrox : +5% damage done Ahri : -7% damage done & +7% damage taken Akali: +30% damage done & +30% damage taken Amumu: +1% damage done & -1% damage taken Anivia: +100% damage done while in egg form Annie: +10% damage done for each skin owned Azir: -3% damage done each time Azir is played in Competitive. Bard: +5% damage done for each chime collected Brand: +50% CDR and -50% Mana Costs while in mid lane Braum: -33% damage taken for each Poro fed Camille: -50% damage taken while Adaptive Defenses is active Cassiopeia: +750% damage done while wearing boots Darius: +15% damage taken & -15% damage taken Dr. Mundo: -100% healing done & +100% damage taken Draven: +1% damage done for each stack of Adoration Evelynn: +120% damage taken while visible Ezreal: +25% damage done for each Tear of the Goddess equipped Fiora: +20% damage done & -20% damage taken while in bot lane Garen: +80% CDR on Judgement Gnar: -50% damage done while Mini Gnar. +50% damage done while in Mega Gnar Graves: +3% AD Heimerdinger: +3.14159265358979323846% damage done Illaoi: +50% tentacles spawned Irelia: -50% blades to dance with Ivern: -100% damage taken while wearing the Dunkmaster skin Jarvan II: -50% off family title Jax: -100% damage done while being played by an active streamer Jhin: +4% damage done & -4% damage taken & +4% Crit damage & -4% Bonus AD Kai’sa: +333% range to Void Seeker Karthus: +100% CDR & -100% damage done Kayle: Starts in Transcendent Form Kindred: +222% damage done for each successful hunt Kled: +33% damage done by Skaarl Kog’maw: +4,219% damage done and ability range on Icathian Surprise Lee Sin: +40% damage taken from targets he can’t see Lissandra: +100% damage taken from Annie and Brand Lux: +50% increase in size of the hitbox of Final Spark Malphite: +25% bonus Armor & +50% bonus Armor & +200% bonus Armor Malzahar: +33% chance on cast to have Voidlings replaced with Cho’Gaths Master Yi: -75% move speed Mordekaiser: +42% damage done for each bug that occured this game Morgana: +100% increase in size of the hitbox of Dark Binding Nasus: If Siphoning Strike does not kill its target, Nasus gains 18 stacks Neeko: +40% damage done for each female champ on the map Nunu & Willump: +20% Movespeed & +200% increase Snowball size. Ornn: -80% gold cost of all items in the shop Poppy: +1000% distance on Keeper’s Verdict in opposite direction Pyke: +50% bonus HP from items & +10% damage taken Rakan: +400% charm duration while Xayah is on the map Rammus: +25% OK & -15% OK Rek’Sai: Tremor sense is now permanent. It’s so unique. Rengar: +200% leap range on Unseen Predator & can now leap directly to other brushl Riven: No changes Ryze: +5% chance to be reworked each time Ryze is played in competitive Shaco: +85% chance to die 8 times while on your team Sion: +75% turn radius while drifting Sivir: +50% chance to charm enemy with Boomerang Blade while using Pizza Delivery skin Skarner: +45% Skar skar skarner skarrr & -30% Skarner skar skarrrr. Sona: +50% damage done and +250% chance to show up on Howling Abyss Soraka: +75% healing done to opponents & +50% damage done to allies Tahm Kench: Devour Removed Teemo: -83% chance to exist Thresh: +5% chance on landing Death Sentence to trap their soul in your lantern Tryndamere: +300% duration on Undying Rage & -80% attack speed Urgot: +10% damage taken & can hit allies with Fear Beyond Death Vayne:+100% Cooldown Reduction for Tumble during Final Hour Veigar: +133.7 stacks of Phenomenal Evil at game start Viktor: +5% damage done on all abilities for each armor Viktor has Vladamir: +20% chance to replace blood with Kool-Aid. Xayah: +40% chance to get nerfed because of Rakan Yasuo: -10% damage done for each death & +10% damage done for each kill Zac: -80% damage, +5% CC duration Zed: +200% Death Mark Damage while /laughing Zilean: +80% CDR on Rewind & -100% mana costs Zoe: +200% duration on Sleepy Trouble Bubble & Drowsy effect Zyra: -5% damage done & +5% damage taken

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