Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 6.19, Kog'Maw un-rework

Hey guys! Welcome to Patch Chat, a Dev Corner thread we make to talk about our new patches every two weeks: I'm Aesah on Riot's Playtest Team, a group of Diamond+ players who play with the new champions, reworks, balance tweaks, items, and map updates before they are released. It's our job to the test the changes that our designers come up with and ensure that we're introducing positive changes to LoL in terms of both balance and fun. We'll be watching this thread to answer as many questions as we can. 6.19 is a relatively quiet patch, with the most notable change being the revert of Kog'Maw's "press W then AFK" rework. While some players will miss turret-Maw, we're expecting most to enjoy his new (old) playstyle more. There's been quite a lot of changes (itemization and meta) since we've seen this iteration, so we'll be watching his performance closely and make sure he's in a good spot. In other news, Mundo and Corki received some buffs while Soraka, Kled, Twitch, Anivia, and Cassiopeia were nerfed by varying degrees to bring their power levels closer to "fair". Udyr got some damage shifted around which hopefully makes him more satisfying to play. Some stuff happened to Aurelion Sol too, I'm going to refrain from commenting as I personally have no idea how it will affect him but I'll make sure our resident dragon expert Cezium shares his thoughts for you guys. All of us on the Playtest Team are avid gamers so feel free to talk to us as fellow LoL players! Adam "_Afic_" Cohen Preston “_Hinderaga_” Bunker Ben “_Cezium_” Burkhardt Shawn “_I Am The IRS_” Currie Don “_Aesah_” Ding Nicolas “_Gleeb_” Haddad Dan “_penguin_” Hardison Miles “_Daydreamin_” Hoard Bao “Bao” Lam Robert “_ROBERTxLEE_” Lee Nicholas “_Nickwu_” Smith Blake “_S0be_” Soberanis Trevor “_ThEntropist_” Thernes
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