Ranked Changes - Week One Update & Known Issues

Hey everyone, Ed “SapMagic” Altorfer here on behalf of the Ranked team. This week, we started rolling out the first batch of Ranked changes to live. It can be disruptive whenever we make large changes to the game, but Preseason gives us some downtime to work out major issues before we kick off the season for real in January. Today, I want to give you a quick update on how things are going and what issues we’re currently looking into.   --- ##Master+ Tier Locking Grandmaster and Challenger became locked with the patch as intended, but we experienced delays in setting all Master players to 0 LP. Status: Fixed ##Issues with LP Gains/Losses Some players experienced unexpectedly high or low LP gains and losses after the patch, which could have resulted from the changes we made to tiers and divisions. We made some changes we think will help, but we’re watching how things settle, so please keep reporting issues. **Edit: We are still seeing issues with high LP losses and low LP gains for some players. We are currently investigating.** Status: In Progress ##Low Placements for New Players Some of these issues may be related to the issues we experienced with LP gains and losses. I also want to clarify the intended behavior for placements since it’s changing: - If your account has never played a game in a particular Ranked queue, your initial rank after one game will be in Iron. You can climb higher throughout placements by winning games. - If your account has played Ranked in the past, we’ll seed you lower after your initial game so you can settle into your climb and have the chance to prove your skill. This is similar to how the system worked previously, but you only saw your rank after 10 games. Whereas now you’re seeing an initial rank after one, meaning it’s a bit lower than you might expect. **Edit: We're still seeing placement issues specifically for players who did not play in Season 2018 but DID play in previous seasons and we're investigating them.** Status: In Progress ##UI Bugs In a few places, players have reported confusing or broken UI elements: - **[Fixed]** Players were not seeing LP gains and losses on the scoreboard - **[In Progress]** The profile tooltip displaying past rank is incorrect for some players - **[In Progress]** The profile tooltip currently says “Past Highest Rank” - we’re planning to change it to reflect what it is: your highest ending rank of all queues from the previous season - **[Not Started]** When clicking a different player on the ladder on the Ranked dashboard the summoner name is not displayed ---   If you’re seeing other issues that aren’t captured here or you just have feedback about how things are going so far, feel free to hit us up in the comments below. We’ll provide additional updates as we have more information about these (and other) issues in the coming weeks. Thanks for all your help and feedback, and we’ll see you on the Rift!
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