Damage Text Changes

https://ddragon.leagueoflegends.com/cdn/9.12.1/img/champion/Karma.png Hi everyone! I’m Riot Greenily, a UX designer working on League of Legends. I’ve worked on things such as Nexus Blitz, the new stat panel, the stat runes, and more. I wanted to share a small, but highly visible, update to the game experience that will be on PBE today and ship during the 9.13 patch. We're changing the appearance of the damage text you see when dealing physical, magic, and true damage, as well as their crit styles. You can see how they will look below: https://i.imgur.com/h0E22xl.gif Physical Damage and Crits https://i.imgur.com/VotgZBF.gif Magic Damage and Crits **Here are our goals with the changes:** 1. **CONSISTENCY** We’ve changed the damage text color in order to shift towards consistency throughout the League experience. Damage and crit text has been standardized from four colors into three unique colors. This means you should be able to tell at a glance what type of damage is being done, even if it’s a crit. The crit icon has also been updated to match the style you see in the stats panel. As we work on future in-game updates, we want to make sure our system of stats and colors makes sense. The colors of physical and magic damage text should now feel more related to AD and AP stat colors respectively. 2. **READABILITY** We also want to hit clarity and readability of the damage text. This iteration of colors should make damage type differentiation more clear. If you commonly pay attention to damage text, we hope this helps you. If you don’t, this shouldn’t affect your experience negatively. 3. **SATISFACTION** We’re testing some changes to the animation style of crit texts to make the initial hit really pop and seem impactful. With the change of both color and animations, we hope crits will feel more satisfying. **In terms of feedback:** We'd love if you could share your feedback with us—especially after you've played with this change for a few days. Even if you don't normally pay attention to combat text, the changes could feel a little jarring, but we hope it's positive overall. With that in mind, please give us your thoughts on the readability of the text specifically. Eg: Does the color of the text get lost to you in game? If you’re colorblind, do you feel that this is an improvement from the old text colors? Thanks for your patience as we go forth with this change. Your feedback is appreciated in making the game better!
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