Crit Item Explorations Part 2

Hi everyone, I’m back again to talk a bit about crit items, share what we have so far and hear your feedback. After testing for a few weeks and considering feedback both internally and from the community, here’s where we’ve landed. The exact details are still in flux and we may need to change a few more things, but I’d love to see what you all think. What are you excited about? What are we missing? Usual Disclaimer: Not all of these things are guaranteed to ship and are subject to change. ##Project Goals * Crit users have an item path they are excited about. * Crit users have defensive options that fit into their core builds. * Crit users become more satisfying for all levels of play. Let me know what you think either in thread or on twitter @RiotPhRoXzOn. I’ll be reading feedback over the next few days. ##Defensive Option in first 2 items ##25% Crit Items, Kirchei’s Shard Buff ##Essence Reaver, Spear of Shojin Change ##IE ##Last Whisper Component Buff (Final Upgrades Unchanged) ##Other
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