Wukong Prototype on PBE: Additional changes

Hi folks, Thanks for all the feedback so far, especially those of you who’ve got games in on the PBE. Update to the Wukong changes on PBE below, these should be there sometime later today. A few reminders before we get to the changelist itself: * These changes will sit on PBE for a while (about 3 more weeks), then come off PBE. We’ll then make a call on whether to make the art for them or not. Means it’ll be a while until they’re live if we decided to go ahead with them. * Numbers here are still pretty approximate (they haven’t been through a serious balancing pass yet). Feedback on the general direction is helpful, especially what functionality a skill has. Things like comments on whether a 0.2 or a 0.3 ratio would be most appropriate aren’t helpful yet by contrast. * PBE is a messy environment, where many players don’t play seriously, we don’t have much match history to base matchmaking off, many people are playing with much more ping than normal etc. Feedback from it’s useful, but needs to be treated with a lot of caution when it comes to perception of power in particular. **Changes:** Passive * Damage amp no longer affects structures (was unintended that it ever did and Wukong’s pushing power's going up with new W a lot already). * Damage amp no longer increases true damage (never intended to, damage amps and damage reduction don't affect true damage). Q * Q magic damage now has an AD ratio attached. Currently 0.2 bonus AD. Base damage is down from 20-100 to 20-80. * Q mana cost is 25-45 (was in the previous version too, forgot to include it in the notes however) * Now has the truly inspired name of ‘PLACEHOLDER NAME’. Looking for a replacement name here at some point. W * Now casts in the direction of the cursor, rather than going off Wukong’s facing * Now goes through thin walls. Not sure this is the right call yet, wall crossing does mean he’s put one of his most potent tools on CD though and it’s thin walls only right now. Also allows for some nice mind games running at a wall and then hitting ‘S’ potentially. * Clone now gets the E Attack Speed buff if Wukong has it when he casts W * Clone now gets the Q on next hit buff if Wukong has it when he casts W R * R CD now starts immediately so Presence of Mind works with it. Can still be cancelled by reactivating the R though. This is a change we’ll put into 9.11, since it’s a bug fix and low power impact, so doesn’t need to be balanced around. **Not changed:** A bug where Wukong can get stuck in the W spin animation occasionally until he casts W again. Would fix it before going live of course, isn’t severe enough to interfere with playtesting though so not spending the time on it right now. Hope you enjoy the ballerina impression in the meantime!
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