Username update client prompt on pause

Last week, we began rolling out emails to players who need to update their username as part of our transition to Riot Accounts ([more info here]( These emails include a list of accounts attached to your email address, as well as links to learn more about why we're making these changes. For some, that list might include forgotten accounts—maybe you were on vacation in another region, maybe you signed up for PBE, maybe you wanted to play with a friend who lives somewhere else. While most cases of username duplication are legitimate instances of two different people having the same username that **have to be addressed**, having a list of your accounts decreases the chance of you accidentally taking your username away from yourself. And just to clarify, the email **will not** let you know if a different player has the same username as you, due to security risks that arise even if we don't tell you exactly who has the account or what region they're on. Unfortunately, the process of distributing those emails is taking longer than planned. As a result, some of you have run into a mandatory in-client prompt to change your username without knowing why we're asking you to, and without having the account information the email provides. **We've disabled the in-client prompt for now** until the email distribution process is complete. You'll see a dismissable version of the prompt come back soon to make as many people aware of the upcoming change as possible, but we won't make the prompt mandatory again until all emails have been sent. We know this transition has caused a lot of confusion. Our hope is that features like the client's "Stay Signed In" toggle will minimize the frustration of having to adjust to a new username, and that by getting this process done now, your experiences with the upcoming games announced during the 10-year anniversary stream will be smooth. If you have any other questions, please check out [the support article](!
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