Ranked Changes - Update & Known Issues #2

Hey everyone, Ed “SapMagic” Altorfer here on behalf of the Ranked team. Last week, we started rolling out the first batch of Ranked changes to live—Iron and Grandmaster tiers, the removal of Division V, Ranked Armor, and new placements. Most of the features are live and working well, but we’re still working through a handful of issues. Today I want to give you a quick update on those and let you know when you can expect fixes. --- ##**Issue: Some players are experiencing low LP gains and/or high LP losses.** When we added Iron and Grandmaster, we bumped many players up from Division V to IV, which affected LP gains. We also experienced a glitch where some players saw a dramatic increase in LP gains, allowing them to get a couple divisions above where they _should_ be based on their skill. We corrected this, so it’s not happening to anyone else. But since some players now have an inflated rank, they’re seeing larger LP losses and smaller gains than they usually do. On a related note, later today we’re planning to switch Ranked over to newer tech we’ve been using in other queues to prepare for position ranks next year. When we do that, some additional players may experience unexpected changes to their LP gains and losses. **Answer:** We know this doesn’t feel great, but discovering these issues in Preseason helps us ensure they don’t happen at season start. These issues **_will correct themselves because of the season reset_**, so the current plan is not to make changes. If you’re experiencing a different issue that’s still related to LP, hit us up in the comments. **Status:** Resolved, No Changes --- ##**Issue: Returning Ranked players get a provisional rank of Iron IV after one game.**## This is due to a bug with the changes to placements. Returning Ranked players—that is, players who have ever had a rank—should be seeded based on their past rank/MMR. **Answer:** We’re planning to correct this in 9.1, so returning players who play placements after that will seed based on their MMR. Starting next week, players who completed their placements in 8.24 and ended up miscalibrated (e.g., Bronze rank but playing in Platinum or Diamond games—sorry Rush) can open a ticket with [Riot Games Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us) and one of our agents will help make corrections. For players who **don’t**, that’s ok—the issue will correct itself during the season reset. **Status:** In Progress (Target 9.1) --- ##**Issue: Players smurfing on fresh accounts seed in Iron and climb too slowly.** We made a change so new accounts seed in Iron to improve the onboarding experience of Ranked. This had an unintended side effect for some smurf accounts where a player’s rank and MMR could desync (e.g., Bronze rank but playing in Gold or Platinum games), making the climb feel very grindy and unfair. Sorry CoreJJ. **Answer:** Starting new accounts with no prior Ranked games in Iron helps avoid new players seeding in Silver and demoting rapidly to Iron or Bronze. The climb for smurfs will a bit more grindy as a result, but at the same time we want to avoid smurfs playing in Gold or Platinum games while still in Bronze. We’ll be accelerating LP gains for these players so their ranks and MMRs stay closer together. After the season starts, we’ll add even more mechanisms—things like the ability to start with some bonus LP after promoting and more aggressive division skipping—to further increase the speed at which these players climb. **Status:** In Progress (Target 9.1+) --- ##**Issue: Players are able to see provisional ranks on third party sites.** We’re aware of an issue where players are able to see your provisional rank through third party sites. **Answer:** We’ll correct this by the time the season starts so that provisional ranks are private and only visible to you. **Status:** In Progress (Target 9.2) --- ##**UI Bugs** In a few places, players have reported confusing or broken UI elements: - **[Fix for 9.1]** The profile tooltip displaying past rank is incorrect for some players - **[Fix for 9.1]** The profile tooltip currently says “Past Highest Rank” - we’re planning to change it to “Last Season’s Rank” reflect what it is: your highest ending rank of all queues from the previous season - **[Not Started]** When clicking a different player on the ladder on the Ranked dashboard the summoner name is not displayed --- As I mentioned in my previous post, if you’re seeing other issues that aren’t captured here or you just have feedback about how things are going so far, let us know in the comments. We know these issues are inconvenient and we’re focused on fixing them as soon as possible. Thanks for all your help and feedback, and we’ll see you on the Rift!
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