Our Approach to Teamfight Tactics Third-Party Tools

Hello Summoners and Tacticians! This is Riot K3o on behalf of the Anti-Cheat team, and I’d like to take some time to outline our approach and rules around third-party tools in Teamfight Tactics. Skilled Teamfight Tactics players are able to adapt quickly, making the best decisions based on the round-to-round changing variables. Our approach to third-party tools in Teamfight Tactics is to make sure these core skills are preserved as the cornerstone of competitive play. The following features of third party tools will be prohibited, and players’ accounts may be actioned on as per Section IX of the [Code of Conduct](https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/legal/termsofuse#code-conduct): 1. A program cannot provide information obtainable only through a third party tool * RNG “godmodes” like exact future rolls and future item drops * Win percentages of player v. player matchups based on specific team and round data * Specific gold amounts of opponents 1. A program cannot provide dynamic, current game-state specific information * Percentage of rolling certain units based on units currently in play across all boards * Current units on players’ respective boards in an aggregated view * Current synergies on players’ respective boards in an aggregated view * Gold increments on players’ boards in an aggregated view 1. A program cannot automatically recommend decisions based on the current game state * Recommending best comps based on the current units you have * Itemization recommendations We’ve been in communication with third-party tool developers to make sure their tools are compliant with the rules we’ve defined above. Teamfight Tactics is a rapidly changing game, and so we're always working on adapting our approach as the game evolves. If we make dramatic changes, we'll be sure to keep everyone updated. We’d also suggest reading the [announcement](https://www.riotgames.com/en/DevRel/teamfight-tactics-match-history) related to the introduction of TFT match history to the API for additional guidelines on developing products for TFT. However, in the case of third-party developers who choose not to comply, and the users of these tools, appropriate actions will be taken to maintain our game integrity standards.
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