Small Diana Gameplay changes coming to PBE

**EDIT from 5/17: Going to pull all those changes out in the next few days besides the Q spell and the QoL on it. Thanks everyone for the feedback (positive and negative alike) and discussions generated. This has been really useful information and we would like to do more improvements in the future, but want to align on setting the right goals before committing to big changes. ** Hey there! This is a follow-up to [My last thread on the PBE boards]( about testing a series of changes to Diana Q. I’ve gotten a bunch of feedback and data on it and it mirrors Live Q’s behavior in almost all cases, but should feel faster and more accurate to cast. In the meantime I’ve also been thinking about ways to add small improvements to Diana's kit to make her more enjoyable overall to play as and play against. Patch 7.14 had significant changes to Diana that brought her closer to being a very single-purpose AP assassin, while also gating her attack speed behind spellcasts. I want to try bringing her attack speed back to a more normal baseline and reducing her reliance on AP to succeed. And thus I’d like to propose a small list of gameplay changes that I want to test on PBE starting next deploy: **These changes aren't going live with 9.11** but if anything that just gives us more time to workshop together :) Goals with those changes are the following: -Increase Diana’s Time to Kill by a small amount -Revert the “spell weaving” paradigm that was introduced in 7.14 -Give her a little more mobility in fights and skirmishes Here’s the changelist that I’ll be testing initially: Base Mana: 372 (+20) => 335 (+45) Attack Speed: 0.625 => 0.725 Attack Speed per level: 2.25 => 2.30 P Cleave Ap Ratio: 0.8>0.6 **_*NEW:*_** Grants 20% Movement Speed on proc _***REMOVED:***_ 30-90% Attack Speed after casting a spell _***REMOVED:***_ 15% of AP as mana on proc Q Still has all of the previous changes to it in testing. QoL: Reveals FoW on missile tip E Cooldown: 26>18 => 20>12 R Reset time: 0.5 => 1.0 Last thing: The current iteration still has the R>Q reset removed. I’m hoping that, combined with her changes above, R>Q near-guaranteeing Q's damage is enough of a strength that Diana still sometimes opts into this combo without needing the gamble of a potential reset as additional incentive. Note that none of this is final, so please share suggestions and ideas. The main consideration is that this work needs to stay low-scope, so we can't include any VFX changes or significant mechanic updates. This should also stay as close to power-neutral as possible since our focus is on making Diana feel better to play more than anything else. {{champion:131}}

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