[TFT] Teamfight Tactics Release Timeline and Temporary Restrictions

Hey Everyone, Here’s some information about how Teamfight Tactics will be rolling out over the course of this week. We’re releasing TFT on a deliberate timeline and with temporary restrictions to keep the servers stable as y’all show them your love in the early hours of TFT’s release. Keep in mind that TFT is still in a “Beta” period. We'll be looking to ship bug fixes and balance changes daily if need be. **Timeline (Pacific Timezone)** This is the plan, exact timing may vary. **Tuesday (6/25)** _Note: There’ll be a Level 10 requirement for TFT on the first day and game starts will be throttled._ * OCE * JP **Wednesday (6/26)** AM: * NA PM: * TR * RU * EUNE/EUW **Thursday (6/27)** * TH * PH * SG * KR * VN * TW **Friday (6/28)** * BR * LAN * LAS **Missions and Modes:** In some regions, (NA,EUW/N, KR, VN, TW, LAN and LAS) TFT’s missions and client hub will be enabled one week after the mode is released. We want to be sure that the missions and beta pass are functioning as intended. We don’t want you to think you’ve completed missions to get your free Little Legend only to have them break. Once we’re confident that everything is working, we’ll get the pass and missions to all regions. **Note: you will not earn progress towards the free “Beta Pass” until this system is up and running. This means that your free Little Legend, emotes, icon, and board skin will be delayed.** **Level Cap** TFT will be temporarily restricted to level 10+ accounts on the OCE and JP servers. **General Measures** We’re doing a few things in all regions to help with the expected increase in server load. * Transfers are disabled until July 1st * Practice Tool is disabled * Custom modes are limited to 10 players minimum We understand that some of these changes will have a significant impact on many of you. We’re excited to get TFT into your hands, so thank you for your patience as we get this thing out the door.
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