Teamfight Tactics — /dev Update #1

Hey everyone, Ed “SapMagic” Altorfer here on behalf of the Teamfight Tactics team. We’ve been pretty blown away so far by TFT’s reception—a _ton_ of you are trying to play TFT. Unfortunately, that excitement means our servers are under a lot of stress in some regions and we’ve encountered a few issues as a result. In this post, I want to detail the issues and what we’ve been doing to fix them. #Issue: Unusually long off-peak queue times for North America Shortly after we went live in North America, it looked like our servers were overloaded even though we were below capacity. We were also seeing some unusual errors in North America and a few other regions that we hadn’t seen in OCE and JP. We started looking at configuration differences between our servers and found all the regions with the errors had a slightly different configuration and we used that info to identify the problem. **Status:** A fix was implemented around 1:00 am Pacific Time (UTC -7) Thursday and the server looks healthy. We will continue to monitor over the next few days to make sure North America stays stable. #Issue: Unusually long queue times and players unable to play other game modes in EUW The configuration bug from North America thankfully didn’t affect EUW, but as we approached peak hours throughout Europe we saw instability and long queue times as a result of tons of players queueing up for games. We implemented queue time delays, but still saw issues crop up with the services that power parties and matchmaking. We temporarily disabled the queue while we investigated those issues. **Status:** It took a couple tries but we identified a fix which is now live and EUW is looking relatively stable. We will be continuing to monitor the region for other issues throughout the weekend. #Other Regions We expected the issues we saw in EUW to affect other large regions, so we temporarily delayed TFT’s launch in a few places to give us time to find a solution. Now that we have fixes in place, our plan is to finish deploying Teamfight Tactics to all our remaining regions within the next few hours. Having said that, if we encounter any issues in those regions, we may need to take actions to preserve server stability, up to and including temporarily disabling TFT. #Going Forward We’re cautiously optimistic that queue times and demand will stabilize, and we’ll continue to keep you updated through the client, boards, and on social media. For up-to-the-minute info about all things Teamfight Tactics, check out [Riot MapleNectar]( or [Riot SapMagic]( on Twitter. --- These issues have been painful to say the least, but on behalf of the team, thank you so much for your excitement—and more importantly, your patience—as we find and fix them. If you’re seeing other problems that aren’t captured here, or you just have feedback about Teamfight Tactics, let us know in the comments. Thanks for all your help, and we’ll see you in the arena.
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