Quick Gameplay Thoughts: Feb 22

Hey folks, More stuff on our minds below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **PBE Context Dump** We've got a bunch of things hitting the PBE today. Quick context on some of them: * Ashe - too strong in organized play in particular. We're testing a nerf to her E, given that's much more powerful in organized play than regular. * Doran's Shield - Experimental changes testing a version with a Spectre's Cowl like passive designed to give sustain when being harassed that doesn't have to be balanced around bot lane (isn't significantly more effect against two harassers than one). * Exhaust - Too strong. Currently testing a CD nerf, might try something else at some point. * Rengar, Jayce, Le Blanc - Unsure if changes will be on PBE today or not at time of writing, previous set of nerfs weren't sufficient on them though, so likely hitting them again in 7.5. * Kindred - Testing improvements to which camps marks spawn on (reduce random chance of getting screwed). Longer term (which patch uncertain) we want to look at making crit more appealing for them, open up crit itemization as a pathway in part to support a later game power curve. * Talon - Nerfs to passive damage levels 1-11 and Q. Looking to reduce his power against other melee lanes especially where those effects are disproportionately powerful (much easier to access) * Aatrox - has changes on the PBE today, note though numbers haven't gone through final tuning yet ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Early Unanimous Surrender** Should be getting some testing this patch cycle in a lucky region! Details to follow shortly (later today I think?) TLDR for anyone unfamiliar with previous discussions: Testing a surrender at 15 minutes option if the entire team agrees, only on a single server initially to assess its impacts on surrender rates, player behavior, player satisfaction/frustration etc.
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