New ways to earn Prestige Points

Prestige Points have been out for a few months, with K/DA Evelynn Prestige Edition soon joining the roster. We're working on a couple ways to get Prestige Points through our major events and while they won't be in place for Eve's initial release, we're sharing our plans early so you can take them into consideration when deciding how to get her and other Prestige Point skins! **100 Prestige Point Bundle in Event Shops** Each event's Event Shop will offer a one-time purchase of 100 Prestige Points as an option for players who prefer a Prestige Points skin to that event's Prestige skin. The token price of this purchase will be a bit higher than the price of the event skin on offer since we still want to highlight the event-exclusive Prestige skin and the Prestige Points option lets you choose from a pool of skins. For example, Prestige Firecracker Vayne cost 1000 Lunar Revel tokens, so the 100 Prestige Point bundle would have cost 1100 tokens. **25 Prestige Points from “Milestone Missions”** Event Passes now come with a chain of “Milestone Missions” that grant Prestige Points—we're currently thinking five missions that grant 5 Prestige Points each. You'll be able to earn all 25 points regardless of when you pick up the pass but won't get banked credit for matches played before then. We've got at least four events planned for the rest of 2019 so you'll be able to earn a Prestige Point skin through this change alone. The idea here is that players who can’t grind in a shorter burst can instead grind over time and earn a Prestige Point skin. Completing all of the Milestone Missions should take substantially fewer games than what’s required to unlock the event Prestige skin. We hope these new options are exciting for those of you who want to get in on the Prestige Points bling without purchasing Loot bundles. Let us know what you think!
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