Mid Season Tanks Update - Zac

Hey guys I’m here to talk about the last champion in the upcoming Tank Update, Zac! {{champion:154}} As to our overarching direction for tanks I’d refer to [Sol’s recent post,](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/pcT3hhuA-mid-season-tanks-update-sejuani) but let’s get down to why we’re including our bounciest Vanguard in the update. **Here's what we're happy with and sticking to on Zac:** * _Elastic Slingshot_ is a fun, satisfying spell that allows Zac to initiate from a lot of interesting angles and distances * Zac’s passive blob pickups creates a uniquely engaging way to sustain himself * Zac is the knockback and knockup Vanguard, a natural extension of his bouncy character * _Cell Division_ (his revive passive) encourages Zac to utilize the long reach of his initiation to go deeper into the enemy team than other Vanguards So then why are we picking him up for the Tank Update? While Zac’s strategic elements feel pretty interesting (see above), we feel tactically he falls pretty flat (see below). On top of that, we think we could expand even further on what it means to be League’s shape-changing, bouncy, goo-man. **Here’s what is likely to change with Zac: ** * Zac’s current kit encourages him to activate all his abilities in a single burst for maximum damage, instead of spreading them out to disrupt and bounce around the enemy team * After initiation, there is very little variance or mastery to his combat pattern, consisting of primarily sitting on one target and spamming his Q and W * Keeping in line with our overall Tank update goals, we’d like to shift some his reliable damage into additional forms of CC (we already felt that his two passives provide unique forms of defenses) * Although some of his abilities hit the mark, we feel that his kit could further stretch the blob man fantasy and give him a more distinct sticky feel in the Vanguard space * _Stretching Strike_ does little to explore the stretching punch idea and ends up having a very similar output to _Unstable Matter_ (AoE damage when you’re right next to someone) * _Let’s Bounce!_ is a more chaotic version of Wukong’s _Ultimate _(Cyclone) rather than the potential teamfight-defining moment that Zac’s unique, sticky, bouncy nature promises We’re looking to turn our resident goo-man into the premier displacement Vanguard, shuffling his opponents around the battlefield with sticky, stretchy, chaotic abilities that feel uniquely Zac. _Let’s Bounce, Shrieve _ P.S. we’re not supposed to give you details yet… but yes, his voice now pitches up and down as he changes in size
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