Zac changes coming to PBE for 9.11

Hello friends! We’ve been following some excellent conversations regarding where Zac landed after his rework in 2017. After assessing players' feedback, we ultimately decided that we went too far in pulling damage out of him in our quest for a more CC-laden tank. We agree that part of Zac’s pattern of diving the back line and doing damage is core to who he is as a champion and unfortunately, Zac players felt that after diving in, he wasn't able to accomplish anything more than just knocking people around. With that in mind, we're reverting his reworked ultimate and W. Full Changelist: **Q - Stretching Strikes** COOLDOWN :: 13-9 seconds >>> 15-9 seconds **W - Unstable Matter** Now does 2% of a target's max health per 100 ability power as magic damage **R - Let's Bounce ** REMOVING OLD ULTIMATE NEW ULTIMATE :: Zac bounces 4 times gaining 20-50% movement speed over the duration, but is unable to use Q or E and can't attack. The first bounce deals 140/210/280 (+40% AP) damage on a target, reduced by 50% for subsequent bounces on the same target. The first bounce on a given target knocks them back for 1 second, and all bounces on the same target slow by 20% The ultimate is a straight revert to what it was before we changed Zac-- four AoEs, each 1 second after the last that do damage and knock up once per cast. The W is another revert, where we basically just added in the AP ratio we took out. Q is not being changed, but the cooldown is a little longer to pull more power out of Zac’s CC and into his damage. This should open up build paths for AP bruiser Zac again, although we expect full tank to still be the default build. These changes should be on PBE soon for testing/feedback, with a tentative plan to ship the final changelist in 9.11. We hope to generate some conversation on what y’alls opinions on this list are and go from there.
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