If you don't win it all, it never matter in the end no matter how good you did

TL vs G2 Game 1: TL surely wasn't ready and got smack TL vs G2 Game 2: TL was tilted from game 1 and just continue to lose from it TL vs G2 Game 3: Now this time TL is super tilted, they're trying to force play and throwing alot, it's like they all just gave up after the first 2 loss and G2 just ended the game in less than 20min --------------- It wasn't like any other 5 game series where a Team like C9 would get 0-2 and go on mental breakdown. You can clearly see that it's not that TL wasn't good enough or weren't ready. We've seen them beat G2 in a pretty good game, and they even smash the former Worlds Champs in a 3-1. What happened was I like to say is, TL let the expectation they wanted for themselves and the expectation the fans have for them way too high, which they should have but it was beyond another level that tilted them hard.

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